Helping Philly’s NeighborhoodsNow

NeighborhoodsNow is a Philadelphia non-profit that strives to ensure that all of the city’s neighborhoods remain vital and economically competitive. They needed a brochure that provided an overview of their three primary initiatives, including outcomes to date. They started with a draft, but needed the information to be readily accessible to prospective partners and funders, so that their goals, priorities, and successes would make an impact. And they didn’t have a lot of time.

NeighborhoodsNow bro cover

ARC started with feedback from the executive director, Beverly Coleman, about what she liked and didn’t like about the current draft. We then did a rewrite to break down the considerable amount of information into digestible chunks that would work with the evolving design. We incorporated strong headlines, bulleted lists, and lots of action words to reflect the high level of energy that is inherent to these programs. The manuscript was 1,250 words (about 7 pages), and ARC turned around the rewrite in a matter of days.

Ms. Coleman said, “We were more than happy with Alison’s edits. As one of my colleagues put it, her rewrites made the brochure sing. We used most of her recommendations [and] were very grateful that she did such a good job for us on such short notice.”

ARC has subsequently provided additional writing services to NeighborhoodsNow, in terms of Op Eds, white papers and position papers, branding, and more.

[Update: NeighborhoodsNow has since closed its doors, but you can read more about Vital Neighborhoods at the Preservation Alliance website.]

Brochure design by SK Designworks.

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