We obsess so you don’t have to.

Armed with years of rigorous editorial training, ARC turns a shrewd eye to rework or refine your content—as thoroughly as you would like. We maintain the highest editorial standards, for projects large and small, whether you need a complete overhaul or simply an iron-clad proofread.

Count on us to protect you from embarrassing and expensive mistakes.

Tired of looking at the content you have?

ARC has particular expertise at freshening existing or outdated content. We routinely help those within an organization to see what should be clear or is compelling to an outside reader.

We provides fast efficient feedback on how to cut things down, spruce them up, or change the voice to suit your audience.

List of editorial services

Not sure exactly what you need? We offer:

  • Developmental and substantive editing
    Suggesting changes in the structure of the material: creating a new outline, proposing additions or deletions, recommending changes in tone or emphasis, and improving readability (inserting headings, italic or bold type, and lists).
  • Copyediting
    Reading a manuscript line by line to correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax and to clarify/resolve inconsistent references. Improving style may mean deleting unnecessary words, suggesting rephrasing, and rearranging sentences.
  • Proofreading
    Reading typeset galleys and/or page layouts (usually against a copy of the final manuscript) to correct typographical errors and to call problems and inconsistencies to the attention of the editor/client/publisher.
  • Rewriting
  • Index editing
  • Translation editing


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