Exhibit planning & scriptwriting

For decades ARC has worked with museums and design firms to develop and implement compelling and effective content for exhibits, fulfilling the diverse needs of a range of audiences.

Read about our interpretive planning services for the following clients:

Exhibits on Natural History & the Environment

  • Philadelphia Water Department, Philadelphia, Pa.
    Provided interpretive planning as part of the PWD’s nationally recognized “Green City, Clean Waters”program of green stormwater infrastructure management. Developed narratives for construction sites about greening efforts above ground and green engineering below ground, in service of the city’s long-term sustainability plan. Integrated research from sites throughout northeast Philadelphia to develop content approaches for a system of signage. Partnered with Philadelphia design firm Cloud Gehshan Associates.
  • The Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, Pa.
    Did interpretive planning and scriptwriting for the 150th anniversary exhibit of the nation’s first zoo. Worked closely with curators, scientists, internal design staff, and marketing to develop content to engage school-age audiences with compelling stories about the Zoo and its role in science and history. Wrote a series of 10 panels, as well as interpretation for the architecturally significant historic house, the Solitude. Partnered with designers at the studio of MERJE.
  • Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pa.
    Edited dozens of labels and panels for the Aviation exhibit, on the history and science of flight, and for the Space Command exhibit, on the science of space travel.
  • The Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbor, N.J.
    Planned, researched, and wrote scripts for two exhibits—Secrets of the Salt Marsh and Terrapin Station—devoted to marsh ecology, biology, and environmental stewardship.
  • Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, Philadelphia, Pa.
    Wrote and edited labels for the Discovery Center exhibit on local ecology and biology.
  • Forks of the Delaware River Visitor Center, Easton, Pa.
    Performed research and writing for the River Views exhibit on the natural and social history of the Delaware and Lehigh rivers and area canals. Partnered with Gecko Group.

Exhibits on Science & Medicine

  • Philadelphia Heart Institute, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Philadelphia, Pa.
    Conducted extensive research at the University of Pennsylvania archives to develop content for an exhibit on this prestigious and historic cardiology program. Devised object-based interpretation capturing the origins, development, and prestige of the program’s leadership, clinical services, and technical advances. Wrote scripts for a series of topical panels as well as a reader rail with a comprehensive timeline.
  • Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton, Braselton, Ga.
    Conducted research, did interpretive planning, and wrote scripts for an exhibit about this state-of-the-art medical campus titled “The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.” Worked in close coordination with project architects, engineers, and designers. Developed all content on the conscientious, LEED-certified planning and construction of the facility. Devised an approach that balanced the topics of green design and stewardship of the site’s natural setting with articulating the Center’s commitment to its patients, visitors, staff, and the surrounding community. Partnered with the design firm ex;it.

Exhibits on Social & Cultural History

  • The University of Mississippi Museum, Oxford, Miss.
    Conceived and drafted interpretive elements of a master plan for object-based exhibits housed in the museum’s proposed William Faulkner Wing and several adjacent historic houses. Interviewed dozens of community members and museum trustees, and devised approaches to suit diverse audiences. Developed interpretive strategies for the historic site Rowan Oak (home of William Faulkner) and surrounding landscapes.
  • Mennonite Home CommunitiesLancaster, Pa.
    Developed and executed a comprehensive interpretive plan for an exhibit on the 125-year history of this Lancaster institution—a pioneer in eldercare. Handled project management, did primary research, liaised with client and board members, and made design presentations. Partnered with the exhibit design firm studioMUSarx, LLC.
  • Eagles Mere Museum, Eagles Mere, Pa.
    Transitioned the object-based collection of this Victorian resort destination into a curated, experiential exhibit in a new 2,000-sq.-ft. space. Served as client liaison, audited the collection, performed historical research from primary sources, devised an interpretive approach, and did final scriptwriting. Partnered with UJMN Architects & Designers (now Strada Architecture, LLC).
  • The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pa.
    Edited scripts for the special exhibition Power and Glory: Medici Portraits from the Uffizi Gallery.
  • The Battleship New Jersey, Camden, N.J.
    Edited scripts and audio elements of history exhibits aboard this retired battleship.
  • Resorts CasinosAtlantic City, N.J.
    Did content planning and script writing for Resorts Retrospective: A Century of Memories.

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