Books (proofread)

Art history

Anne Truitt: Placement and a Sense of Place, by Susan Saunders (Ph.D. diss., 2002)

American Decorative Arts and Paintings in the Bayou Bend Collection, by David B. Warren, Michael K. Brown, Elizabeth Ann Coleman, and Emily Ballew Neff (Princeton University Press, 1998)

Art and Ritual in Golden-Age Spain: Sevillian Confraternities and the Processional Sculpture of Holy Week, by Susan Verdi Webster (Princeton University Press, 1998)

Common Man, Mythic Vision: The Paintings of Ben Shahn, by Susan Chevlowe (Princeton University Press, 1998)

Taking Positions: On the Erotic in Renaissance Culture, by Bette Talvacchia (Princeton University Press, 1999)


Black Girls Perceptions of the Role of Education in Their Pursuit of the American Dream, by Tawanna J. Jones (Ph.D. diss., 2014)

Nurturing Young Learners in Practice: A Case Study of Key Teacher Dispositions That Support Child Centered Practice in an Urban Preschool Environment, by Lorraine C. Ricchezza (Ph.D. diss., 2014)

Teaching from the Heart: Inspiring the Future of Healthcare, by Maria Lauer-Pfrommer, Mary Judith Yoho, Mary Wombwell, and John Diepold, Jr. (iBook, 2013)

Perceptions of School Quality and the Decision to Move: How Race and Residential Mobility Contribute to Persistent School Segregation, by Joshua Freely (Ph.D. diss., 2007)

Trade nonfiction

Amazing Irv’s Handbook of Everyday Magic Tricks to Confuse, Amuse, and Entertain in Every Situation, by Irv Furman (Quirk Publishing, 2001)

Computer Waiting Games: Things to Do While Downloading, Processing, or Crashing, by Hal Bowman (Quirk Publishing, 2001)

Timeless Traditions: A Couple’s Guide to Wedding Customs Around the World, by Lisl M. Spangenberg (Quirk Publishing, 2000)

The Worst-Case Scenario Guide to Dating and Sex, by Joshua Piven, David Borgenicht, and Jennifer Worick (Quirk Publishing, 2001)

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