ARC has added social media services to round out our comprehensive approach to your communications needs. Whether you need support setting up your accounts, maintaining them for your friends and followers, or both, ARC can help you convey your message.

The ARC Philosophy
ARC believes that social media is simply an extension of your persona—or your organization’s image. If people met you at a cocktail party, or got stuck in an elevator with your best PR person, they should have the same impression as they would by following you on Twitter or Facebook. The tone is conversational. You know to whom you are talking (even if that’s a diverse audience). You tell them what they want to know, what you know they’ll find interesting, and what they can’t find out from anyone else. And you tell them in real time, as events are happening, decisions are being made, and opportunities are created.

What Social Media is (and is not) good for
Social media is not about bombarding people with things they don’t want or care to know. It’s about connecting directly and whittling down the deluge of information into a unique, targeted stream that saves people the trouble of calling you, going to your website, reading about you in the paper, or asking your friends about what’s new with you.

Creativity as part of your brand
ARC also believes that social media is the place to be creative—to take the spirit of your organization and devise a flow of information that captures who you are in a unique, engaging, entertaining, and informative way. The work that goes into this seemingly effortless presentation is done entirely behind the scenes, and once you make a series of initial decisions, the work on your part is largely done. ARC handles the rest.

Social media services offered

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