Phila. Zoo 150th anniversary exhibition

It was a fun to help the Philadelphia Zoo develop an exhibit commemorating its 150th anniversary. I worked with curators and other zoo staff members on panels for a special exhibition about how America’s first zoo paved the way and contributes research as well as opportunities for entertainment and engagement with these glorious animals of all stripes.

The design team created a series of markers around the zoo provided opportunities to interpret historic buildings as well as fun facts about its role in the community as well as the animals who have lived there.

See the full suite of history markers:

I wrote one panel, about endangered birds the Zoo has helped to save, to engage a general Zoo audience.


Andother panel is intended for a college-educated audience, focusing on the Zoo’s historic house, The Solitude,

and its architecture.Solitude_panel_FINAL-030409

Designed by the talented Amy Rees at MERJE.