For fifteen years, we’ve made our clients look good and sound even better. We do more than write compelling copy, lovingly edit content, and manage projects for prestigious clients. We lead a gentle process of creative collaboration.

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Our kind of clients
Our clients trust us to work closely and collaboratively to develop and implement projects that inspire them and exceed their expectations. Our track record? They come back year after year—for new kinds of projects. We consult for:

  • individuals (academics, sole proprietors, memoirists)
  • corporations (law firms, architecture firms, health systems)
  • educational institutions (colleges, universities, education nonprofits)
  • cultural organizations (museums and historic sites, design firms)
  • foundations (that fund the environment, the arts, and social services)

Only what you need
Our approach is simple:

  1. Pare down the objective: Identify what’s essential and optional; what’s straightforward; what needs clarification; what’s easy and what will be a challenge.
  2. Get buy-in.
  3. Coach the client on how to leverage internal resources to make the project a success.
  4. Assemble and manage a small, targeted team—sometimes a team of one—to tackle the project with grace, gusto, and efficiency.

What else do you need to know?

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