Books & academic editing

Extensive list of art history books edited

List of books proofread

Cultural history, psychology, and social policy works edited

The Reinvestment Fund. “Feeding the Line, or Ending the Line? Innovations among Food Banks in the United States” (2017).

Robert E. Gard. To Change the Face & Heart of America: Selected Writings on the Arts and Communities, 1949–1992 (2016).

Carina Coulacoglou. “A Study on the Construct Validity of the Fairy Tale Test,” Rorschachiana, Journal of the International Society for the Rorschach (2014).

The Reinvestment Fund. “Approaches to Healthy Shopping and Eating: A Meta-Analysis of Intervention Strategies” (2013).

Business titles

Sinziana Dorobantu and Thomas Lindner. “Political Risk And Alliance Diversity: A Two-Stage Model of Partner Selection in Multipartner Alliances” (forthcoming).

Jennifer Griffin. “Stakeholder Engagement in the Tobacco Industry: Philip Morris & R. J. Reynolds After the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA)” (forthcoming).

Won Kyung (Alice) Min. “Architectural Evolution of Nascent Industries: Evidence from Solid-State Lighting” (abstract for Ph.D. diss., 2017).

Zheying Wu and Robert Salomon. “The Regulatory Liability of Foreignness: Examining Actions Against Foreign Bank Subsidiaries in the United States,” Journal of International Business Studies (2017).

Robert Salomon. Global Vision: How Companies Can Overcome the Pitfalls of Globalization (McMillan Palgrave, 2016).

Jennifer J. Griffin, Andrew Bryant, and Charles P. Koerber. “Corporate Responsibility and Employee Relations: From External Pressure to Action,” Group & Organization Management (2014).

Robert Salomon. “Does Imitation Reduce The Liability of Foreignness? Linking Distance, Isomorphism, and Performance,” Academy of Management Proceedings (2013).

Xavier Martin, Robert Salomon, and Zheying Wu. “The Cultural and Institutional Determinants of Location Choice: Agglomeration in the Global Semiconductor Industry,” Industrial and Corporate Change (2010).

Robert Salomon and Byungchae Jin. “Do Leading Or Lagging Firms Learn More From Exporting?” Strategic Management Journal (2010).

Francisco García Pérez, Byungchae Jin, Robert H. Smith, and Robert Salomon. “Does Inward Foreign Direct Investment Increase Local Firms’ Innovative Productivity?” conference paper (2010).

Zheying Wu. “Three essays on distance: Examining the Role of Institutional Distance on Foreign Firm Entry, Local Isomorphism Strategy and Subsidiary Performance” (Ph.D. diss., 2009).

Robert Salomon and Byungchae Jin. “Does Knowledge Spill to Leaders or Laggards? Exploring Industry Heterogeneity in Learning by Exporting,” Journal of International Business Studies (2008).

Robert Salomon. “Spillovers to Foreign Market Participants: Assessing the Impact of Export Strategies on Innovative Productivity,” Strategic Organization (2006).

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