Interpretive planning

Effective content for three dimensions

We work with architects, 2-D and 3-D designers, curators, project managers, educators, and content experts to ensure that when visitors leave the space the messages and experience sticks with them.

We offer planning in the early stages, to determine exhibition goals and priorities, and  along with designers to translate these into as physical, graphic, and electronic elements.

We create content outlines as blueprints that refine the big ideas and then develop detailed maps of content to anchor the rest of the team.

We serve as your eyes and ears with your other consultants throughout the process. We also develop content at the master planning stage. This helps you to articulate objectives and evoke a vision you can sell to executives, and funders, and other stakeholders.

Summary of our exhibition planning and scriptwriting experience

Audience is everything

Whether your intended audience is seniors or school-age children, we write scripts that stimulate their interest and curiosity.

For exhibitions that target a range of ages, depend on us to devise different voices for various elements, from wall labels and touch-screen interactives.

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