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Reading typeset galleys and/or page layouts (usually against a copy of the final manuscript) to correct typographical errors and to call problems and inconsistencies to the attention of the editor/client/publisher.

Reading a manuscript line by line to correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax and to clarify/resolve inconsistent references. Copyediting can also involve reading a manuscript to improve style, which may mean deleting unnecessary words, substituting new words for incorrect or awkward ones, and rearranging sentences within paragraphs.

Developmental editing
Working with the author(s) to develop a manuscript and ensuring that the finished manuscript meets the publisher’s requirements.

Substantive editing
Reading a manuscript to suggest changes in the structure of the material; for example, creating a new outline, proposing additions or deletions, recommending changes in tone or emphasis, and inserting such aids to readability as headings, italic or bold type, and lists.

Reading a manuscript or collection of materials to recast the ideas into a readable format, such as a book or an article. The finished product may bear little resemblance to the original materials.

Index editing
Editing an index involves assessing its overall usefulness, thoroughness of coverage, logic, and consistency. The indexer or editor evaluates components such as main headings, double-posted entries, cross references, punctuation, accuracy of page references (based on a fair sampling), and the reader-friendly layout of typeset index pages.

Translation editing
Copyediting, substantive editing, rewriting, or proofreading material that is not in English or was not originally in English.

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