Interpretive planning and scriptwriting experience


  • Philadelphia Heart Institute, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Philadelphia, Pa.

Conducted extensive research at the University of Pennsylvania archives to develop content for an exhibit on this prestigious and historic cardiology program Devised object-based interpretation capturing the origins, development, and prestige of the program’s leadership, clinical services, and technical advances. Wrote scripts for a series of topical panels as well as a reader rail with a comprehensive timeline.

Provided content development in the master planning phase for this 5,600-sq.-ft. exhibition devoted to conservation, renewable energy sources, and nuclear power. Partnered with UJMN Architects & Designers (now Strada Architecture, LLC) and Interpret Green on interactive media.

Conducted research, did interpretive planning, and wrote scripts for an exhibit about this state-of-the-art medical campus titled “The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.” Worked in close coordination with project architects, engineers, and designers. Developed all content on the conscientious, LEED-certified planning and construction of the facility. Devised an approach that balanced the topics of green design and stewardship of the site’s natural setting with articulating the Center’s commitment to its patients, visitors, staff, and the surrounding community. Partnered with the design firm ex;it.